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Craft & Design Selected Awards Judge

Alan was proud to be chosen to judge the Ceramics category for this years awards, he commented:

Judging the Craft & Design Selected Awards 2013 – Ceramics Category wasn’t easy to say the least, probably the most challenging experience that I have ever undertaken. Each entry was of such a high calibre, excellent skill, technique and unique applications that made this decision even more difficult to make. After much deliberation I believed the fairest way to resolve this issue was to employ a marking criteria system using scores for up to 30 different key areas.  This system enabled the selection of Gold and Silver Award winners, although there were very few marks between each entry creating a very close result. In my view each entry excelled in their chosen discipline and are a very deserved finalist.


The scoring chart displayed a clear winner for the Gold Award in Phil Rogers, a potter in a league of his own when it comes to skills & techniques in salt glazing, wood firing and preparation of his own clay bodies. Through years of experience and practice Phil has created his own unique style setting the standard by which other potters strive to achieve and use as influence. One of the most experienced Professional Potters currently in existence Phil develops all his own materials and processes even during the firing process when he often uses an oil kiln he built himself.


A fairly new comer to the world of ceramics Wyn displayed a high level of skill and expertise when it came to Raku firing and hand building processes. Her very decorative and cheerful work is both functional and simplistic with an innovative edge, with influence from ancient cultures clearly visible in her work creating uniquely designed pieces. Wyn shows an intense varied approach exploring many avenues and techniques of ceramics.


A skilled thrower with excellent techniques and a unique sense of style, each piece of work produced by Katharina is both individual and varied. Influenced by Lucy Rie and Rupert Spira her work demonstrates its own unique interpretation experimenting with textures and surface decoration using interesting objects and vibrant colours.  

FINALISTS – Rowena Gilbert, David Melville and Alan Birchall

With all of the entries there was only a matter of a point or two between them that in my mind they are all winners. Great skills, techniques, experience and knowledge was shown by all finalists with a display of functional and decorative ability. As a keen collector I would be proud to own or display any of these pieces of work put forward for the award.


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