1.  What general skills & techniques do you use ?

I mainly produce my work throwing and slab building.


2.  Where have you studied and learnt your skills ?

Mostly self-taught but I spent 1 day a week at Newcastle College of Arts in 1992.


3.  How long have you been a potter ?

I’ve been potting for 23 years.


4.  Who has inspired you along the way ?

My inspiration has come from Ashraf Hanna, John Evans, Eric Moss and Tim Andrews.


5. Please explain your work process.

The clay I work with is PF 520 (Ashraf Hanna Raku), my firing is Bisc. 1020°c, Raku 885°c to 920° and for glazing I use Gerstly Borate and Ferro Frit.  My work is lifted out by hand to avoid damage with tongs and reduced in sawdust, newspaper and cardboard for 30-40 minutes.


6. What has been your proudest piece that you have produced and why ?

My proudest moment was when Valentine Clays acquired my all time favourite 22” big Naked Raku Plate at Bakewell Potfest for display in their gallery.


7.  What are your future ambitions ?

Carrying on with what I’m doing but with more experimenting and manipulating the clay and creating new shapes.

Visit their website: www.sourdustpottery.co.uk