Now in our 35th year we are extremely proud during this time to have grown the family business from producing only one clay body – an electrical porcelain for a local insulation company – to well over 100 clay bodies and raw materials that have been specifically developed for the pottery and ceramic community.

The biggest thank you has to go to the many studio potters that we have worked with over the years who have been instrumental in our business development. Having worked closely on a technical level we have been able to produce clays that are exactly what the world wide ceramic community needs, and we are proud to hold the key ingredient to many fantastic ceramic pieces. A few of which can be seen in our gallery.

With over 100 clay options we know choosing the right one can be a bit daunting, so with this in mind we have tried to make the process easier by identifying 7 key areas that should be considered when making your decision. For further details on this guide click here, another useful online device is our refining tool which can be utilised on our shop page.

At Valentine Clays we are always happy to assist with any help or advice you might need including technical issues so feel free to give us a call on 01782 271200.

Proud of our pottery heritage and the growing collection of ceramics that we have on show at our onsite gallery, you will be able to view ceramics that span our past 35 years which are definitely worth a visit if you are passing. We offer a good cup of coffee or hot chocolate too.

Make sure you purchase the July/August edition of Craft&Design magazine that contains information of a celebratory gift.

In celebration of our 35 year we have some very exciting news coming soon so watch this space…