Fancy discounted clay delivery?

Those of you who order under 75kg may have noticed that we have recently changed our couriers to APC Couriers.

We made this decision, following recent feedback specifically relating to communication issues between couriers and our delivery partner Yodel. 

In our continued efforts to improve our customer journey we spent time researching the best solution for our customers as we believe that every single one of our valued customers should experience the best possible service even through our third party delivery partners. 

From research, predominately focused on customer service and communication we decided to select APC.
Whilst APC cost more for us to ship, we believe the service to be far superior for our customers from communication and speed of delivery.

Customer will be pleased to hear that we have also made the decision to not increase our prices. This ensures our customers get the best possible service for the lowest rates.

APC offer the following service as standard:

> Text and email notification when goods are collected from our warehouse. 

> A text and email notification on day of delivery with a 2 hour delivery window. 

> Live tracking of the courier. Meaning you can see if they are just a few streets away or close by. 

> Easy rescheduling or collection of a missed parcel from their local depot.


We have been using APC now for a few weeks and want to gain some customer feedback.
If have recently ordered goods under 75kg and APC was your courier, we would really appreciated you filling out this speedy survey in order for us to monitor the new system:

This will only take a few minutes to complete and you will get a discounted clay delivery with a code for 50% off the shipping cost of your next order under 75kg!

This gives you the perfect time to order some samples of clays to try! You can order up to 4 different 1kg Clays and just pay for shipping.
Fill this survey our first and get shipping of 4 clay samples for just £6.50 + vat!

Order samples here: