The Gladstone 2013 Fired Up: A Heritage Arts Project Firehand, which was built using our terracotta clay by the international ceramic artist Wali Hawes with students from Wolverhampton and Turkey as part of an Arts Council Project in August/September 2013, will be located at our new site.

This is a community project that has been very close to our hearts, especially as Wali is no longer with us, and we have been determined to ensure that all the hard work and contribution from the local community that went into this project is not forgotten and is displayed for all to see.

The Fired Up! Project is a symbol of unity that sought to celebrate the past as well as looking to a positive future for the ceramics industry of Stoke-on-Trent and we feel that this is therefore an important symbol and focal point of the city. It will most certainly play a significant part in the development of our new site and a celebration of clay and ceramics.



For further details on the Gladstone Fired Up Project click on the below film: