Our Managing Director Hannah Ault,  is to be appointed Vice President of the trade organisation British Ceramic Confederation (BCC) in June this year.

Hannah will become the first woman to hold the position which marks how the ceramics industry is moving forward.

The BCC represents all sectors of the UK ceramics industry and aims to safeguard the prosperity of members, by working together to tackle common issues, and acting on its behalf in discussions and negotiations with government and regulators. Its single voice has recently lobbied the government for more clarification over energy support for ceramic sector businesses.

Having grown up within the ceramics industry and being a third-generation leader in Clay Manufacturing, Hannah’s passion for ceramics and the industry, along with her vast leadership knowledge and skills will ensure she achieves her mission to grow awareness of the Sector and increase nationwide support via education & skills.

Her roles within the local community also include Board Director of the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, most recently a Director of Stoke-on-Trent & Staffordshire’s Local Enterprise Partnership, as well as chair of Staffordshire County Council’s We Are Staffordshire Place campaign.

Ceramics contribute around £2 billion to the UK economy and currently support 20,000 jobs and growing. The importance of Ceramics in the UK is vastly underestimated, and it’s often a surprise to people when they hear about their existence and importance in prostheses, medicines, and Aeroplanes to mention just a few.

Hannah said: “I feel hugely honoured to be asked to represent an industry that I am extremely proud to be a part of and one that impacts all aspects of our lives. Without the ceramics industry, we wouldn’t be using mobile phones, driving cars, or flying into outer space.

It’s an industry that forms a significant part of our economy and heritage, which is why I am making it my mission to do whatever I can to raise its awareness. We need the future generation to realise that we are an industry of choice, that we have all levels of great opportunities for career development, that we are more than just tableware and hospitality too.”

Rob Flello, Chief Executive of British Ceramics Confederation, commented: “Hannah will make a great addition to the board of Directors, and her skill set and knowledge will strengthen our voice when raising awareness of the UK ceramics industry’s needs. It is also a significant milestone that she will become the first woman Vice President of an organisation that has been supporting the UK ceramics industry for nearly 100 years.”

Hannah joins the board of Directors in June when Dr Allen McLelland, Vice President of Technology at Morgan Advanced Materials – steps into the BCC President role.