One of the most frequent questions that we seem to get asked is how to make a pizza oven. So we decided to have a go at making one ourselves so that we are able to pass on advice from our own experiences. The first stage of the process of creating your very own pizza oven is outlined below.


You will need:


15 – 20 bags x ES 180 (Sculpting Pizza Body)

10 x Fire bricks (cut in half)

12m x Steel angle iron to make the frame (optional can use brick base instead)

4m x flat steel (5mm x 75mm – optional)

4 pieces of galvanized sheet steel (optional)

Used kiln shelf (approximately 800mm square x 50mm thick)

3ft piece of Land drain (for chimney)

Template for the arch (ply wood)

10 kilo bucket coarse fire cement (ready mixed)

Sprinkling of dry sand



The first decision to make is whether you are looking to build a brick or steel base for your pizza oven. We have decided to create a welded steel base for our pizza oven which we are creating at work and Alan will then reassemble at his home, making the oven more portable initially.


Creating the Steel base*
To create the steel base you will need to cut and weld the steel angle and flat steel to assemble the frame, in this case to fit the kiln shelf. The next stage is to make the arch using a ply wood template and fire bricks cut in half, they are then assembled using the coarse firebrick cement. After a few days the cement will then have set and the template can be removed.

Assembling the Arch way

The arch way is then positioned onto the kiln shelf base; the land drain is then cut using a stone cutting grinding disc to allow a draft for the fire.


*Instead of using steel you can use bricks to create your frame and fire bricks or kiln shelves to create your base. The height and width will depend on the size of oven that you wish to create.


For the next stage see How to make a pizza over РStage 2 (Making the clay dome )