Kevin Millward is well known for his involvement in BBC Two’s the Great British Pottery Throw Down and also the recent creation of the Clay College at Middleport Pottery. His exhibition will look at his throwing passion and his fascination with mark making using clay.

Artist Statement

Throwing has always been my passion, the relationship of hand, eye and the clay forever draws me to the wheel. Mark making in a plastic malleable material such as clay is a constant fascination. The capture of a moment in time, then fixing this with fire while retaining the mark of the maker remains my goal. It is important to me to refrain from overworking the clay as the more time spent working on the clay after throwing depletes the energy captured while making. The absence of glaze on a coloured body or the complimentary qualities of a simple glaze serve to enhance the mark making and forms.

The exhibition will be running from Tuesday 12th December 2017 until Friday 2nd February 2018
(We will be closed for the Christmas holidays from Wed 20th December 2017 at 12pm to Monday 1st January 2018.) 

All of the pieces on display will be available for purchase and collection will take place on Monday 5th February following the ending of the exhibition.