We have some exciting news to announce……Valentine Clays is expanding.

In March 2015 we purchased 5 acres of land on a historic ceramics site situated on the A50 slip road in Fenton (Stoke-on-Trent) previously known as Diamond Gimson Works, King Street.

Yesterday Stoke-on-Trent City Council gave us permission for our exciting new expansion plans for the site.

The new site will comprise of a distribution facility that will also contain offices, a workshop area and a fabulous new gallery which is aimed at showcasing the talent of our customers and improving the customer journey. There will be two purpose built factories to allow for an increase in production capacity too.

These exciting plans will be realised in two phases with the 1700 sq.m distribution and office facilities completed by early 2017 and the two factory developments in the following years.

The building design concept for the first phase is based upon the heart of the business, on the wonderful world of clay and its different colours and nature. The external appearance of the building is dominated by horizontal bands of four different clay colours in random patterns on all sides of the building to reflect the environment of the business and its activity.  It is hoped that this building will become a feature of the city and represent its unique ceramic heritage.

Alan Ault, Managing Director and Owner of Valentine Clays Ltd commented: “At Valentine Clays the city’s ceramics growth is very close to our heart and we feel very fortunate to be in a strong position to ensure we can contribute to this.

“The approval of our expansion plans mark very exciting times ahead for the business and we look forward to developing facilities that ensure a better customer experience and help to promote the importance of ceramics too.”

Our proposed new distribution facility: