The Newcomers Exhibition at Valentine Clays is aimed at showcasing local up and coming ceramic talent at a poignant time as Stoke-on-Trent focuses upon its bid to become City of Culture 2021.

Valentine Clays has teamed up with individual makers, headed up by Jasmine Simpson, to display a variety of work that has been created through lots of different types of clay.

The ceramic work on display demonstrates the diversity, imagination and skills of those who are fairly new to the ceramics world and what exceptional talent lies within our great city. Valentine Clays feels that it is extremely important for the industry as a whole to support such talent and to encourage their continued development.

All of the work on offer in this exhibition the monies raised will go directly to the artist with the hope of intending to help them towards continued growth within their craft.

If there is anything that takes your fancy please let us know and we will give you the contact name of the artist as well as reserving the piece of work until the exhibition has finished on Friday 8th September 2017.

We hope you enjoy the showcase.

Valentine Clays & Jasmine Simpson

The 10 Exhibitors include:

  • Jasmine Simpson
  • Aneta Brudkowska
  • Joanna Dowidowska
  • Emma Westmacott
  • Jan Agha
  • Siobhan Ledden
  • Alice Thatcher
  • Kat Evans
  • Sandie Bebbington
  • Alex Allday

The exhibition is available to view Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.