1. What general skills & techniques do you use ?

My pots are either thrown or cast from my originals.

I decorate at the leather hard stage, using a variety of techniques including, cut paper and latex resist, sponging, stencilling, brushwork and sgraffito.

The pots are biscuit fired then clear glazed.


2. Tell us about your experience and knowledge.

 – Where have you studied and learnt your skills ?

I did a degree in Fine Art followed by an A level in Craft Pottery which led to being taken on full time and trained at Gwili Pottery near Carmarthen by Pru Green. I spent five years there developing my skills and also my own work.

 – How long have you been a potter ?

I have run my own workshop full time since 1997.

 – Who has inspired you along the way ?

My inspirations – where to start! I guess I see my work as in the Arts and Crafts tradition, so William Morris is a big influence. I look perhaps first to the environment/nature around me rather than other potters/painters although these obviously have their effect.


3.Please explain your work.

I use Valentines Standard Red clay and Semi-Porcelain (from their Industrial range) fired to 1160°c with a standard Potterycrafts clear glaze.

I currently produce a standard range of 10 shapes in 6 different patterns  alongside a series of what I call my “specials”, which are pieces of a more unique collectible nature.

I think what interests me most at the moment is the developing of new patterns across a range of shapes- painting a pattern onto a variety of pot forms.  The pattern informs the shape and vice versa. 


4.What are your future ambitions ?

I hope I will continue to develop my work and continue to make a full time living from it too!

Visit their website: www.ralphjandrell.co.uk