1. What general skills & techniques do you use ? (eg., throwing etc.,) ?
    I make everything by throwing on the wheel. I like to leave throwing lines showing and sometimes impress pots with dimples to show the hand of the make.
  2. Tell us about your experience and knowledge:


  • Where have you studied and learnt your skills?

I learnt to throw from a Harrow trained potter called Vanessa Waller. I was doing ceramics O’level at school and did evening classes once a week to improve my throwing. At Warwick University I studied engineering but in my spare time did pottery at the university pottery society, which was run by David Jones of Wolverhampton University.

  • How long have you been a potter?

I have been doing pottery for more than 40 years, but professionally for 17 years. My first career was as a scientific researcher, first at Nippon Electric Company in Japan, then at Imperial College London. I started my pottery business after having children.

  • Who has inspired you along the way?

The first pottery class I attended was run by a local potter called Vivica Hunter and her husband. We were allowed one go on the wheel each Saturday and I loved it.  Now I am inspired by the work of Lucie Rie, and by industrial designer Eva Zeisel. I like modernist pots, Japanese and Scandinavian ceramics and biomorphic forms. My latest work is inspired by the still life paintings of Giorgio Morandi.

  1. Explain your work:


  • Processes involved eg., clays used, firing range etc.
    I throw on the wheel using Valentine’s Royale porcelain. I fire to cone 8 in an electric kiln. I make all my own glazes and I am particularly interested in developing colours using oxides rather than ceramic stains eg. Mustard yellow using titanium and nickel oxides.
  • What has been your proudest piece that you have produced and why?
    My nest of five pouring bowls featured in the first episode of the Great Pottery Throw Down. It’s great to see a programme on pottery on the BBC. I wish they would show the 1970s Craft of The Potter again.


  1. What are your future ambitions?
    Besides making my hand thrown tableware, I would like to design more tableware ranges for manufacture.

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