Judy Taylor Sculpture

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Modelling
TEXTURE: Medium Textured
FIRING RANGE: 900°c – 1280°c

I make figurative animal sculptures in various clays. I work quickly to capture the essence and movement of the creatures. By working quickly, as in a three dimensional sketch, I try to catch the spirit and the animation of a living animal. I enjoy the feel of the clay, its plasticity, its texture but I am frustrated when it will not do what I want and I push and punish it, stuffing it with paper, propping it and and beating it into shape. The limitations of the material and methods encourage me to keep experimenting.


Black Lab
Clay used: PF 680 (Smooth Black), fired to bisque 1000°c, and then to stoneware 1250°c.

Pony Head
Clay used: PF 520 (Ashraf Hanna), fired to bisque 1000°c, and then smoked with burning shavings by hand and waxed.

Judy uses PF 680 (Smooth Black) & PF 520 (Ashraf Hanna).

Visit their website: www.judytaylorsculpture.co.uk