Angela Mellor

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Casting
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1280°c

I work in bone china, the forms mainly bowls and vessels, some functional and more recently sculptural.
My main aim is to explore the translucency of bone china and its potential for the transmission of light.
I am particularly interested in the effects of light on the landscape, especially in coastal areas where the infinite variety of organic contours, tonal contrasts, and patterns provide a continuing source of inspiration.
Fragments of these have enabled me to introduce a delicate tracery of translucent texture into the work using paper slip, a medium I developed during my MA Research. I seek to re-interpret my visceral response to these natural phenomena, resulting in delicate translucent forms inspired by nature.
The very nature of bone china, it’s delicacy, whiteness and translucency lends itself perfectly for my work, bringing out it’s full inherent beauty, a quality which first drew me to it in 1991.
I am now focusing on larger scale and more functional work with the integral design being sympathetic to the form. Lighting for the interior is also an important area of my work, which I am continuing to develop.
Angela uses Fine Bone China High White Casting slip and makes her own porcelain paper clay.


Unfurled Light I and Unfurling Light II
Hand-built Bone China paper clay, Oxidised at 1220°c + 20 minutes soak.

Symphony in Black and White
Slip cast Bone China, Oxidised at 1220°c + 20 minutes soak.

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