Ann Bates

CATEGORY: Earthstone
METHOD: Slab Building, Coil Built
COLOUR: Off White
TEXTURE: Smooth Textured
FIRING RANGE: 1120°c – 1280°c

Maker of bespoke funerary urns.  Inspiration comes from the Derbyshire landscape and decoration on ancient standing stones.

I make hand built, contemporary funerary urns using ES 5 (Original) or ES 60 (Smooth Textured Crank); these two clays give me flexibility to site pieces in a domestic or a garden setting.

My urns are either coiled or slab built, their decoration being influenced by the natural world and also carvings on ancient standing stones.  Leaves, shells and seed pods are impressed into the clay prior to assembling  and there is always at least one spiral on each piece of work; sometimes a pattern of many spirals will become the decoration for an urn.
Often working to commission, I offer a range of sizes depending upon whether all of the remains are to be kept or the majority scattered.

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