CATEGORY: Earthstone
COLOUR: Off White
FIRING RANGE: 1180°c – 1280°c

I developed my art and ceramics in my home country, Taiwan and exhibited my first work in Taipei. I loved it but always had a hard time, when asked about my work. I have no deep meanings. Not ones that I recognise anyway! I just produce from my heart, sensing when what I’m creating begins to feel right.
Ceramics was an adventure into clay and glaze, and I studied hard to be able to create the feeling I wanted. When I moved to England, I brought many glaze recipes, but soon discovered a new range of English clays to explore. I came to England in 2003… I can feel my love of English summers, blackbirds and sheep touching my heart and influencing my work. I now exhibit in both countries. I never use moulds.. all my work is hand built with great care for quality, and all my paintings are original. I hope you enjoy it as much as I love creating it.

Chiu-i fires her work with gas kiln to 1230°C (no reduction).

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