Flux Surface

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Slab Building
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1280°c

I have found Porcelain to be ‘the Princess of clays’. It is pure and beautiful and wondrously translucent. It is also the most challenging ceramic material; being very fine, it contracts and shrinks more than other clays and this movement throughout the process, alongside the high firing temperature make porcelain a challenge to control. I enjoy the attention to detail required and have spent time mastering porcelain for my requirements. As a result I have become very particular in how I work, matching the particular nature of the material.

The themes in my work have been developing over a long period, since my undergraduate studies in metalwork and ceramics, I have enjoyed making large, challenging, slab-built, sculptural forms. I’m inspired by lines in the environment, the intersection of manmade and natural forms, how a bridge or road dissects the landscape or electricity pylons stringing their way through a hillside. I use a lot of water forms in my work, as I am based by the river and the sea this seems to be the natural flow. I work abstractly and linearly and often in series. I am specific about the composition of my ceramics and how a design flows through a space. I like there to be an energy or a movement in a piece.

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