Grace Igoe

CATEGORY: Stoneware
METHOD: Hand Building
COLOUR: Pale Ivory

I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Three Dimensional Design, with a first class degree.

Since graduating I have been employed as ‘Artist in Residence’ at Manchester College specialising in ceramics. This has enabled me to pursue my career as a ceramic practitioner.

I have exhibited at 2017 New Designers, London, 2018 King Street Studio’s, Lancaster, 2018 Shape Exhibition at the Art Pavilion, London and 2018 Sale Waterside Art Centre, Manchester.

As a ceramicist, my practice aims to communicate and show awareness about the autistic condition through exploring common traits and behaviours. To show insight and challenge perceptions, leading towards a better understanding of the autistic condition visually, physically, and emotionally through engagement with my work.

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