Hilary Simms

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Hand Building
TEXTURE: Medium Textured
FIRING RANGE: 900°c – 1280°c

After working for a number of years in a small industrial ceramics workshop, my passion was to return to the hand building techniques of coiling and pinching the clay, slowly coaxing the clay into the desired form.

A trip to The Gambia provided the inspiration for my Nautilus collection. Shells and bones were collected on a deserted beach and these natural forms influenced my current work. The naked Raku finish seems to bring the forms to life. It is a very surprising and exciting way to finish my work.

Hilary uses PF 520 (Ashraf Hanna). All the Nautilus Collection are naked Raku fired.

Visit their website: www.hilarysimms-sculpture.co.uk