Ian Harris

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Hand Building
COLOUR: Off White
TEXTURE: Coarse Textured
FIRING RANGE: 900°c – 1280°c

My initial ideas are often developed from small observed details of natural forms – a crack in a worn pebble or the fractured elements of a broken shell. Nothing is treated literally and these are just the starting points for exploring and improvising around the theme. Each individual piece is gradually developed by coiling, beating and scraping over many days as it dries slowly and naturally in the old stone built blacksmith’s forge that is my workshop and gallery. The texture, colour and characteristics of the clay body are integral to the development of the finished forms.

Ian uses PF 640 (GT Material)PF 670 (Smooth Textured Black) & B17CG.

Visit their website: www.ianharrisceramics.co.uk