James Faulkner

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Throwing, Slab Building
COLOUR: Off White
TEXTURE: Smooth Textured
FIRING RANGE: 1120°c – 1280°c

I take inspiration for my work from discarded objects and surfaces created by the environment and time. My work presents a snapshot along the journey of an object, from new, to its eventual rejection and abandonment to nature, an objects slow decay into nothingness brings into being a beauty of its own, and tells the story of its existence.
I use these inspirations to create complex surfaces upon minimal geometric forms, that together evoke their own narrative, and engender a calming presence that brings balance  between form and surface. Made in stoneware, I use both throwing, thrown and altered, and slab building techniques to produce my designs. layers of slips and oxides are built up over an object over time, before I erode the surface using flame, to create the complex textured surface synonymous with my work.
Techniques used are throwing, throwing and altered and slab building.
The clay body used is PF570 with added molochite grog. The surfaces are an eroded slip technique, made up of multiple layers of slip, made from PF560, with added stains and oxides. The surface is then eroded to reveal the layering and create the texture. Inner surfaces are glazed with a smooth satin white glaze. All of James’s work is currently fired to 1260°c.

Visit their website: www.jamesfaulkner.co.uk