Jennifer Colquitt

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Slab Building

“I have always enjoyed the challenge of firing thin clay panels; it is a continual tussle between the clay, the kiln and myself. It is important to me that the clay is textured before I draw on it; I pay attention to the panel edges preferring those which meander a little. My panel designs are mixtures of many influences – Oriental art, Naïve art – landscapes observed in England and France, traditional designs”.

The techniques used are slabbing and press moulding, the clay surface is always textured. The clay bodies used are grogged Porcelain – a very good clay to work with.


Dish with Diamond Green Pattern
95 diameter – 1000°c bisque.

Five Trees with Moon
Circular panel – 125mm diameter  – 1250°c stoneware.

Four Trees with Sun 
Rectangular panel – 105 x 140mm  – 745°c lustre.

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