Joanna Świerczek

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Hand Building
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1240°c

I live in a small salt town in the vicinity of Kraków in the Małopolska Province. I have graduated from the English Philology Department of the Jagiellonian University and work as a court translator of English, devoting my free time to art.

Starting from 2007, I was passionately involved in acrylic and watercolour painting, perfecting my skills in painting techniques. At about the same time I got interested in ceramic and porcelain hand-building, firing and overglaze painting techniques, and, subsequently, around 2012, also in silk painting techniques.
In my art I would like to prove that there are, practically, no boundaries between various fields of art, just the opposite, they completely permeate one another.

My creations were evolving from realistic to contemporary abstract forms, which embrace paintings and porcelain sculptures depicting natural phenomena, going from the micro- to the macro-scale, concentrating on the illusion, created to the human eye by the array of natural forms . Through this collection I would like to express my fascination with the immense complexity of nature.

Joanna uses Parian and ES 120 (Ming Porcelain).

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