John Wheeldon Ceramics


Toast Rack
This piece is from my new tableware range based on early 18th century Staffordshire ceramics.  Currently produced using LF White Earthenware and KGM Body and firing to 1080°c using a low lead glaze.  I will be hand throwing most of my work but using press moulded additions such as spouts and knobs and extrusions for handles.  In addition, the lathe will be used to turn some pieces horizontally in the industrial manner and decorated with roulettes.

Bowls & Lustred Vessel
Thrown and turned using B17 and B17C Stoneware, lustre is then applied & fired, the final process involves sponging on a resist slip using shaped foam to produce the geometric patterns or a natural sponge to give a marbled finish.  Raku fired using sawdust completes the process.

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