Kevin Millward

CATEGORY: Stoneware
COLOUR: Off White
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1280°c
METHOD: Throwing

Internationally renowned potter Kevin Millward has been potting for over 30 years and is well known for presenting seminars, workshops and lectures, as well as training potters from all over the world.

Over the last twenty years Kevin has been teaching a BA honours courses all over the UK, presently teaching part time visiting lecturer at BCUC in High Wycombe.

During his career as potter he has made many types of ceramics from large scale garden ware in stoneware and terracotta to decorative porcelain; he is currently making visually stunning contemporary bowls in cream earthenware.

Kevin also features in the short films “Clay Spotlight: ES20” and “How to Wedge & Knead Clay”

Kevin uses KGM Body (developed along with Kevin’s requirements & guidance) & LF White Earthenware.

For further details on Kevin’s exhibition “Thrown out of Stoke: Mark Making in Clay” please see the website link below.

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