Kina Ceramics

CATEGORY: Porcelain
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1240°c
METHOD: Casting
TEXTURE: Very Smooth

Kina Gorska is designer in Kina Ceramics studio. Her adventure with porcelain started during her student apprenticeship in the porcelain factory Cmielow (Poland). She graduated from Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (Poland) specialising in Ceramic Design. Decided to follow her passion, she went straight on to set up her first ceramic studio in Wroclaw. Later on, she moved to UK where she continues her creative work in Oxford.

She uses traditional factory production techniques of mould making and casting adopted to fit a small scale studio. Her designs characterise visually pleasing forms often inspired by natural processes and organic shapes. She also recasts usable objects and combine them with simple forms so that they gain new function. To finish her products, she decorates them with ceramic transfers and hand paints them with genuine gold or platinum to add luxury touch. Bone China clay she works with underlines her aesthetics and it rewards with elegant qualities, high level of whiteness and translucency.

Her works have been presented in galleries in UK and internationally: Museum of Natural History (Oxford, 2016), Obsidian Art Gallery (Bucks, 2016), West Ox Arts Gallery (Bampton, 2016), Old Fire Station Gallery (Oxford, 2015), WAWA Design Festival at Academy of Art and Design (Warsaw, Poland, 2015), Wroclove Design Festival (Wroclaw, Poland, 2014), International Ceramic Symposium (Opishne, Ukraine, 2012). Her designs have been featured in lifestyle and interior design magazines: Ideal Home Magazine, Red Magazine and Figurines of Cute Monsters were used as props on Scrambled ITV show.

While collaborating with other artists, she was commissioned to create a series of bowls for a music piece and sculptured the main character to go with the children book “Joy” by Andy Geppert.

Kina uses Fine Bone China to create her pieces.

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