Laura Manners

CATEGORY: Earthstones
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1180°c
METHOD: Throwing
TEXTURE: Very Smooth

Hand illustrated & thrown earthenware vessels. Working with themes of landscape & industrial heritage, the work has an illustrative quality influenced by a ‘dream sequence’ logic. By combining elements of realistic sketches with illogical perspective each piece is a unique diary of its own creation. Using an smooth white body allows for vibrancy in the colour palette and create objects of contemplation which are simultaneously functional. My initial study which was driven by increasingly being drawn to clay’s versatility and challenge in skills development. I continue to explore my interest in my local landscape of rural Nottinghamshire, and those I visit in day to day life, particularly where the juxtaposition of man made and nature are omnipresent. Derelict structures scatter the landscape and specially woodland are a common theme in my work. Contrasting textures and forms observed and decaying beauty convict and submerge within spaces where they often would not appear at rest. It is the beauty in these melancholy scenes which influences my work. Working with snapshots of industrial decay and nature’s resilience to the impact humans overpowering urge to consume and control has had on the landscape becomes a narrative of juxtaposition. Strength gained through proven resilience is a theme which embodies my outlook as an artist.