Lindy Martin

CATEGORY: Professional
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1260°
METHOD: Hand Building
TEXTURE: Medium Textured

Exuberantly made my work seeks to capture the elemental qualities of clay. It is always hand built and does not hide the marks which show how the piece was made.

For centuries the tea set has either represented the social aspirations of its owner and has resided in a glass fronted cupboard or it has been at the centre of the family, party to all their secrets and dramas. My sets have broken out of their cupboards and leapt on to the table to tell us their tales.

My glazes are a glorification of what are often seen as “faults”.

Alchemic experiments balance and unbalance ingredients in the search for more effects. Naturally occurring substances often replace bought ingredients and ground up local rock and sand add an authenticity of place.

I aim to make work that reflects the landscape, revels in its own materiality and intrigues the viewer with the possibilities of a narrative.

Lindy uses PF 670PF 660 PF 695.

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