Maggie Curtis

CATEGORY: Earthstone
TEXTURE: Medium Textured
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1220°c

Maggie Curtis is a freelance ceramic artist, born in and still working in Appledore, North Devon.

Maggie’s bespoke architectural ceramics follows the tradition of Victorian terracotta and includes sculptural ridge tiles, finials, capitals, garden sculpture, embossed tiles and friezes.

Working to order, Maggie makes original creations and reproductions or restoration work for private and public clients. The products for private commissions are varied, ranging from ornamental ridge tiles to gate post finials. She takes great care when interviewing her clients to ensure not only that the piece fits technically, but also that the 3D image, be it abstract or figurative, fits the situation exactly.

Maggie enjoys the challenge of unusual projects: air bricks for a stately home, a reproduction of the Exeter horseman ridge tile, a commemorative plaque for the Appledore railway, the gas flu outlet cover and plaque for the Duchy of Cornwall’s development in South Devon, an ornamental pavement, Roger the Hereford Bull, and most recently a War Memorial design.

Personal work ranges from domestic pots to mixed media sculpture, using a wide range of techniques and materials. Maggie also produces vessels using fumed and smoked fired methods, and the ancient techniques of terra sigillata, raku and pit firing also play a part in her ceramics.

Maggie uses ES 75 (Smooth Textured Terracotta Crank).