Michaella Smart

CATEGORY: Terracotta
METHOD: Throwing
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1180°c

I founded Mimie Poterie in 2016, an independent pottery studio in Woodstock.

I create beautiful functional ware, marrying contemporary design with traditional techniques. My pieces are finely thrown using the V636 terracotta clay, ensuring lightness of the produced objects without compromising their durability, as they are designed for everyday use. I recently expanded into stoneware Birch and CWE to get a richer palette of contrasts with slip decoration and oxides.

Each piece is handcrafted carefully, with ergonomics and aesthetics being given careful consideration to guarantee you a renewed uplifting and enjoyable feeling each time you use the pieces.

I also make sure the unique variations of the materials used in the process (clay, oxides and botanicas) are shown in the final result.

Michaella used Terracotta V636 to create her pieces.

Visit their website: www.mimiepoterie.com