Pauline Bradbury

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Hand Building
COLOUR: Off White
TEXTURE: Coarse Textured
FIRING RANGE: 900°c – 1280°c

I’ve worked round the concept of crustacea and entrapment of sea creatures. “Marine Life In The Abstract” is my main influence in the creating of “Mi Pods“.

Mi Pods” evolve spontaneously almost naturally to capture their tactile life forms. These pods take on the individuality that is created by something as diverse as the fulness of their bellies to the angle or length of their necks which instantly invites the viewer to touch, to hold, to examine “Mi Pods” in a gentle manor.

Each pod is carefully worked at all stages of design and production, handcrafted with a variety of movement applied; in the forms of ripples, holes, molten glass, smalt, and textured surfaces. A variety of curvatures produce expressive necklines; some look bowed in humility, some stand positively maternal, some foetal, some absolutely regal; some whimsical with a sense of playfulness. A semblance of spines on some are captured by raised polyps along dorsal contours; a hint of fin is suggested, their tribal markings create familial distinctions, groups of perceived likenesses.

These tactile forms- “Are they bird like, fish like or even plant like?” “Mi Pods arouse curiosity as to their origin“.

Pauline uses PF 640 (GT Material).