Pratima Kramer

CATEGORY: Paper Clays
METHOD: Hand Building
FIRING RANGE: 900°c – 1280°c

Pratima’s love of art has been lifelong even though she originally trained as a scientist. Pratima started studying at various Universities through their open study programmes and started making art, primarily in mixed media.

Through her ongoing experimentation she has developed a personalised style of creating distinctive forms of composition, harmony and mood. The artefacts that frequently appear in her work are collected during her frequent travels throughout India, as she tries to encapsulate all aspects of the country including the magnificent sculptures, stunning textures, vibrant colours and vitality of the subjects.

Each piece is one off hand built, decorated with oxides and underglazes. Pratima is inspired by Indian art, craft, colour, pattern and architecture. She has won several prizes including recent prize for ‘The Best Use of Colour’ at an exhibition organised by London Potters at Morley Gallery, London.

Pratima uses ES 600 (Porcelain) and ES 800 (Terracotta Body).