Richard Robinson

CATEGORY: Stoneware
METHOD: Throwing
FIRING RANGE: 1120°c – 1280°c
Trained to be a ceramicist I found myself drawn to making functional items at the end of my studies, which has continued since 2005.
Approaching my practise as a potter but with the training of a ceramicist my work centres around the theme of producing one off handmade functional ceramics, decorative and sculptural qualities can be found inhabiting each piece.

Emphasising well-crafted forms, I have an intense relationship and intimate quality to my work. Expressive marks through a loosely decorated approach with contrasting surfaces inside and out using slips and glazing through a sometimes-unpredictable reduction atmosphere adds to the pleasure of the final results.

I teach from my studio in Liverpool on a weekly basis. Please see website link below for more details.

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