Soo Durham

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Casting, Pouring
TEXTURE: Very Smooth

Since the very beginning of the Syrian conflict I have been touched by the plight of the Syrian children.  In the face of the escalating crisis my sadness and despair for the children has deepened.  I now feel compelled to actively highlight their suffering.
I have therefore decided to create a Syrian tree from which I hope to raise money to donate to the UNICEF Syrian Children’s Crisis Appeal for which I am a registered fund raiser.  All proceeds from the peace doves will be donated to the cause.
The doves are made of porcelain and are therefore weatherproof.  They look lovely hanging in a tree, dancing in the wind and equally impressive bouncing on their rods planted in the ground, I hope you will agree – the final amount raised will be posted on my website.


Paper Clay Flowers
Produced using ES 600 (Porcelain).

Syrian Tree with Porcelain Doves
Produced using P2 Porcelain.

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