Stuart Houghton

CATEGORY: Porcelain
Very Smooth
1220°c – 1280°c

Stuart’s pots are hand-thrown in Royale porcelain on an electric potter’s wheel. Once a pot is thrown Stuart refines the shape by turning. Once a pot is completely dry it is bisque fired up to 1000°C. The next stage is to glaze the ware; as well as his neutral colour pallet consisting of pale green (celadon), a white glaze and a very dark, lustrous brown (tenmoku) Stuart has developed a new range of bright colours for 2015. The glaze firing reaches 1280°C making all the pots microwave, oven and dishwasher proof.

Visit Stuart’s pottery in Ledbury and see his simple, practical, hand-thrown oven & tableware. His porcelain jugs, mugs, bowls, plates and pie dishes have something in common – they all make everyday food look deliciously sophisticated.

Stuart’s pots are hand-thrown in Royale Porcelain on an electric potter’s wheel fired to 1280°C.

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