03A new online resource has been created to make things easier for potters when choosing the right clay to work with.

Over the past 30 years the clay bodies and raw materials manufacturer, based in the heart of the Potteries, has worked directly with the studio potter community looking at ways to make things simpler for both the beginner and professional potter when considering which clay to use.

Valentine Clays new website has been developed to ensure that this decision has been made easier with a new online resource tool. These tools consists of a clay section which details advice and considerations when choosing the right clay, and in the shop section studio potters are able to use a refining tool to further help with their decisions.

An additional tool is the new gallery which displays studio potters that use Valentine Clays products. This facility has been created not only to promote studio potters but to help both beginner and professional potters when making a decisions on which clay to work with. This choice is helped by a refining tool in this section of the website which helps studio potters to see what materials have been used to create certain pieces and indicates how particular clay bodies can be used.

If you currently use Valentine Clays and would like to feature in our gallery please contact sales@valentineclays.co.uk or for further information contact us.