We are excited to introduce the latest addition to our Stoneware range of clays that has been developed with the renowned Potter Keith Brymer-Jones.

KBJ Stoneware
has been produced to be a fairly versatile clay that can be used by both novice, beginner or experience potter. It is ideal for throwing, modelling and casting, and has a lovely off-white colour.


Keith Brymer-Jones KBJ Stoneware review:

“As my training was generally as a production thrower Valentine Clays and myself wanted to come up with a really workable all-round clay, both in terms of working on the wheel, and something that would give consistently wonderful results in the kiln. I believe we have achieved this with KBJ Stoneware.

I worked with Stoneware for many years learning to throw, and the KBJ Stoneware is not too dissimilar to the clay I originally used. It has a creamy texture when working with it on the wheel, but it is also robust enough for throwing and allows the Potter quite a bit of time with it when making  complex shapes, it is also incredibly plastic in consistency so is ideal for beginners, and the more accomplished potters too.


When out of the biscuit kiln (I fire at 1000°c) it absorbs glaze in a really even way, and with it being a White/off White stoneware is the ideal canvas for any Potters aspirations of design or finish. When fired to gloss KBJ Stoneware is very stable and one shouldn’t experience much warping or distortion with it. Very low in iron content it gives a lovely warm cream finish and fires between 1120°c to 1280°c giving a wide firing range for different kinds of decorative techniques.

When the opportunity to work with Valentines Clay came up, I was extremely honoured and excited to collaborate with them on this Clay. Valentines are incredibly well respected in the Pottery field both with Studio Potters and Industry. I hope you like the KBJ Stoneware and would be really pleased to see what you produce with it.”