Jane Stirzaker-Evans

CATEGORY: Porcelain
METHOD: Hand Building
TEXTURE: Very Smooth
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1280°c

Jane first studied ceramics in Sweden and so her love story with porcelain began, as did her appreciation of the style and simplicity of Scandinavian fashions. The clean, uncomplicated lines influence her work to this day with simple touches of colour, allowing the beauty of the porcelain its own expression.
Nature is another source of inspiration. Living by the sea, the influences of the moon and tides are reflected, particularly in the glazing. The curves of the human form fascinate and the challenge is to produce pieces which adorn and enhance them, particularly the neckline and ankle.
A range of porcelains, including Limoges, Audrey Blackman and Royale are used to achieve differing hues, translucent, white, ivory and cream, compatible with differing skin tones of wearers. Having had a colour analysis, and experienced the revelation that some colours can drain the face, this knowledge has been used to develop different glazes, and body stains, also to complement different skin tones.

Always fascinated by emotions and communication. Jane believes that individuals personal fashion statements express, non-verbally, some of their thoughts and feelings. Choice of jewellery is very much part of this. The uniqueness of each individual is valued greatly and shown in the commitment not to replicate any piece, so the owner can be confident that her/his jewel is also unique. Pieces have been commissioned for private collections, and work is sold in galleries and at ceramic exhibitions.

An old dance theme, space, and the way porcelain moves through and surrounds it, is continually being explored. The use of body stains, to weave colour into the porcelain, is one recent development in Jane`s work, producing intriguing effects. Another is the mastering of a difficult technique, the decoration of porcelain pieces with art clay silver, which hardens on firing in the kiln, and is more pure than sterling silver. Stringing materials are researched thoroughly and chosen to lovingly display each carefully crafted piece to its full advantage.
Creating jewellery for weddings is another recent development in Jane`s work. The different porcelains work well in complementing ivory, and white, wedding dresses and the pieces are designed to be wearable long after the special day. That ‘something blue’ for the bride, presents for the bridesmaids, and cufflinks for the groom, something special to complement special outfits for the day, are all designed individually.

Visit their website: www.jsljewels.co.uk