Jane Wheeler

CATEGORY: Professional
METHOD: Slab Building
TEXTURE: Coarse Textured
FIRING RANGE: 1180°c – 1280°c

I work in several different media and I do not particularly prioritise any of them. Equally important to me are words, fired clay, photography, paper, and textiles. My designs are not about a separate idea for each collection, but an ongoing organic body of work inspired by the world of nature and where possible using the colour from natural plant dyes, making special knits and clothing with cashmere, merino wool, pima cotton and silk, with hand stitching, original cutting, colouring and embroidery. I am experimenting with forms that are romantic and flattering to the female shape, with an elegance that does not especially follow fashion. I prefer my clothes to become heirlooms, with a value that lasts because of the hours of beautiful work that go into them.

Visit their website: www.janewheeler.co.uk