Katharina Klug

CATEGORY: Porcelain
FIRING RANGE: 1220°c – 1280°c
METHOD: Throwing
TEXTURE: Very Smooth

My work is about simplicity of design and shape, bringing these in relationship to the surface. I am inspired by the elemental colour and shape of ancient Korean pottery. What I love about ceramic is that it starts of as a soft lump and can become pretty much anything you want it to be. After the firing it is hard and durable and can survive centuries. But at the same time it’s fragile and can be broken into pieces in a moment.

I aim to create timeless vessels for contemporary interiors. Each piece is individually made from porcelain on the potter’s wheel. Naïve, spontaneous pencil strokes, graphic simple patterns that create movement and direction.

Every line is drawn by hand which makes the work preserve the moment of making. The imperfections of the patterns make it lively, rough and immediate and unique but still holding an order or direction to bind them together. The Narrative to my work is coming from little snippets of observation in my environment.  Lines are jumping out on me in almost anything – stripes on cloth, wires and cables, plants and grasses, architecture and streets just to name a few.

Katharina uses Audrey Blackman Porcelain.

Visit their website: www.katharina.klug-art.com