Katy O’Neil Ceramics

CATEGORY: Professional
FIRING RANGE: 1080°c – 1260°c
METHOD: Hand Building, Slab Building
TEXTURE: Medium Textured

I create contemporary ceramic vessels and handmade ceramic jewellery. The vessels are decorated with slips before being impressed with marks which are inspired by photographs taken whilst travelling extensively. I use splashes of colour to highlight the texture and mark making before firing to stoneware. Each piece is individually created and are slab built with Valentines textured (PF 670) or chunky black clay (PF 660) and are a celebration of form, material and mark making. They will happily hold water if required.

The impressed marks made on my work are created with man-made objects such as screws and nails found on the street, or from parts of circuit boards salvaged from abandoned electrical goods.  This way of mark making on the clay is a reflection of my long-held fascination with the concept of future fossils and how the throw away nature of modern life affects the land.

Clay bodies used PF 670 & PF 660. Temperature fired to 1230°C – 1250°C.

Visit their website: www.katyoneil.com