What is Curtis Texture Paste? 

A decorative textured ceramic coating developed by ceramic artist Eddie Curtis. Used independently, or in conjunction with an overcoat of porcelain slip, it can be used to give a wide range of organic like textured surfaces.

The importance of experimentation

The results achieved with Curtis Texture Paste are almost endless. It strongly encourages experimentation and a ‘let’s see what happens’ approach. The combination of unexpected hues and variations of colour are a very exciting prospect for adventurous, ambitious students of texture! We advise that you practice and experiment with a variety of techniques and tools to achieve desired results.

Firing Range

Curtis currently uses a ‘flame fired’ kiln and fires the works in a reduction atmosphere to stoneware temperatures of around 1300°c. Oxidised electric firings will of course present a new set of parameters for development and experimentation.

Curtis Texture Paste with Copper Oxide 

Pink-Copper – creates varying shades of pink depending on the strength of the application and thickness of overlying porcelain coating.

Very dark, almost black, metallic – use neat to achieve a very dark metallic colour.

Green – muted tones of copper green are possible in electric oxidising kilns

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