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Smooth Textured Terracotta Crank is prepared to the same high standards as ES 65 (Terracotta Crank) but offers a finer surface and closer texture.  It will take surface detail well and can be used as a coarse throwing body and is excellent for slabbing, hand building and tiles.



We would like to make customers aware that our current stock of ES 75 contains a finer particle size of cordierite grog than normal.
This is as a result of a raw material supply issue which is beyond our control.

Customers should be aware that total shrinkage may be slightly higher, limiting the size of hand-built projects.

Customers are welcome to ask for a free 1kg sample to check for suitability before they purchase.
To arrange a free sample please call 01782 271200

We are hopeful our next batch will return to previous standards and will update customers when possible.

UPDATED: 20th February 2023

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1 - 7 £11.87
8 - 19 6.34 % £11.12
20 - 39 23.1 % £9.13
40 - 59 26.39 % £8.74
60 - 79 29.76 % £8.34
80+ 33.13 % £7.94

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Additional information
Weight 12.5 kg

Firing range

1080°c – 1220°c




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