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Translucent, very plastic and firing extremely white this porcelain has added fine molochite to facilitate drying without cracking. The fine molochite helps to control the drying and shrinkage making this porcelain much more resistant to warping. It can be used for throwing, sculpture or handbuilt work and can be fired in either oxidising or reduction atmospheres.

Porcelain Optimum Firing Range
Following re-evaluation of our porcelain clays using the recently acquired temperature gradient kiln, we have determined that the optimum firing range for our porcelain product range is 1220 – 1240C (cone 6 – 7).

The molochite grog which forms part of the recipe of the Porcelain Grogged clay is susceptible to iron contamination and whilst we take every effort to extract these iron particles during the production process, occasional particles of iron may be present in the clay which are visible after firing.

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Weight 12.5 kg

Firing range

1220°c – 1240°c




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